Your First Visit

First visit to HVOSPTHVOSPT is proud of its reputation of providing quality physical therapy and personal care to guide you on your recovery. This experience begins with a one hour evaluation in which treatment and goals are discussed and set by you and the physical therapist.  Your physical therapist will also review with you your First Visit Paperwork, which you can download here, fill out and bring with your to your first visit. Our staff believes an informed patient gets the best results throughout rehabilitation.  Therefore, the patient is educated regarding their diagnosis and how physical therapy will help attain their goals.  The patient will be given and taught a home exercise program. This first visit sets the patient up for the road back to recovery, with their physical therapist to guide them each step of the way.  Make sure to wear something comfortable and loose fitting around your injured area. First Visit Paperwork (Click to download, fill out and bring with you to your first visit)

For Insurance Coverage, please choose and fill out the applicable form below: (Click to download, and bring with you to your first visit)

If you have any questions about your first visit, what to bring, what to wear or anything else, contact us. We are here to help!